Guide to Adult Services

This guide is intended to help young adults who have hearing loss (and their parents) to learn about and access adult services that are available statewide. This guide is neither exhaustive nor regionally specific. It includes guiding questions and links to adult service providers within eight categories of services: Housing & Services, Employment, Lifelong Learning & Education, Transportation, Health Care and Healthy Living, Advocacy & Self-Advocacy, Financial Supports, and Independent Living Supports. The topics of effective communication, self-advocacy, and disability rights are relevant to each step of the path to adult services and should not be overlooked. For in-depth information about these services, go to the Advocacy or Financial Services sections. For more information about the terms and roles discussed in this page, see the Additional Considerations page.

Housing and services

I am starting to think about housing options.
Who can help me with this process?

What housing options are available to me?
(Including emergency housing or shelter?)


I want to look for a job, but will having a job change my other financial benefits, supports, or programs?

Who can help me: create a resume, apply for jobs,and maintain a job?

Lifelong learning and education

I would like to go to school after I graduate
Who can help me look for education and training programs?

  • High School and College Career Services

What are some of my education and training options after high school?

How do I pay for education and training after high school?

What accomodations are available to me in future education and training?


I want to get a drivers license so I can drive myself. Who can help me?

Besides driving myself, what are my other options?

Is there special help for getting to medical appointments?

Health care and healthy living

I need an audiologist or an ear, nose, throat doctor.

If I need mental health counseling, how do I find a counselor who knows about hearing loss?

What options will I have in my community to help me be healthy?

  • Local Fitness Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Community Education Programs

I need emergency medical help

  • Dial 911 now to go to the emergency room

Advocacy and self-advocacy

I need to know how to advocate for my rights and what to do if someone refuses.

Financial supports

I need money for my daily needs. What financial supports are available?

What if I need a conservator or Payee

Who can help me with my skills for budgeting, money management, and paying my bills?

Independent living supports

I need help with independent living skills. Who can help me?

Who can help me find assistive technology to aid in my independent living?