• Students of all ages
  • Narrative texts
    • Activate prior knowledge
    • Preview
    • Predict
    • Set purpose for reading
    • Monitor comprehension
    • Question
    • Writing


Strategy steps:

  1. Divide the reading material into 2-3 page segments appropriate for the students’ reading level.
  2. Tell the students the purpose of the strategy they are using.
  3. Students preview the material in the first segment by looking at pictures, other graphic aids, and reading titles and headings.
  4. The students predict the content of the segment.
  5. Write or have students write their predictions on the board or chart.
  6. Students read the segment and stop at the point designated by the teacher.
  7. Discuss whether their predictions were confirmed.
  8. Ask the students to support their ideas and explain their reasoning using the information in the text and their prior knowledge.(Repeat steps 3 – 8 for each segment.)
  9. Discuss the story in relation to other stories, their personal experiences, and the author’s purpose.
  10. Discuss the strategies used to understand the story.