How to Implement Progress Monitoring?

Video: Maren Hadley is talking about implementing PM as an itinerant teacher.

Reading, written expression and math are the most common areas for CBM progress monitoring in classroom settings. Teachers must be informed about appropriate measures to use with D/HH students. The following list of steps in implementing progress monitoring is an overview that will be expanded with more detail and instruction in Webinars 2-4 (16).


Steps in implementing progress monitoring:

  • Individual students, groups (e.g. lower 20%) are selected to participate
  • Curriculum area is identified (e.g. reading, math, writing)
  • Measures are created or identified commercially
  • Students are screened at grade level
  • Lower-achieving students are identified for weekly monitoring
  • A baseline is established
  • Goals are set


Monitor progress of student(s) toward that goal:

  • Use tasks of the same difficulty, adhering to standardized administration
  • The progress of students is reviewed and evaluated weekly
  • Programs are revised when necessary
  • The progress of all students are periodically reviewed


Think of CBM as Weight Watchers:

  • Set a goal (target weight)
  • Establish a baseline (how many lbs. to lose per week)
  • Monitor progress toward that goal (step on a scale, and always the same scale)
  • Is a change needed? (e.g. diet, exercise)