This section is focused on assessment and evaluation process specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers and other professionals serving children who are deaf or hard of hearing including those children with additional disabilities.

Assessment and evaluation are integral components of effective instruction.  As teachers of infants, children and youth who are deaf or hard of hearing, including those children with additional disabilities, the starting point to providing services is through the evaluation process using information and assessment data that is valid and reliable.

The assessment and evaluation process continues beyond identification to ensure that the child is thriving and making more than ‘adequate’ progress throughout his or her educational experiences.

The resources available on this website provide a broad range of tools available for use with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Selective assessments and evaluation practices are specific to the State of Minnesota while others are commonly applied across regional and educational boundaries.
Manual: Resources for Assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students(PDF format)

Early childhood assessment webinars

Introduction to Assessment and Evaluation (23 min)
LittlEars (18:32 min)
MacArthur Bates Communication Development Inventory (20:46 min)
Language Sampling (15 min)
SKI*HI Language Development Scale (18 min)



The content on this page is from: Rose, S. & McAnally, P. Education resources for teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.