Advertising Me

Can be used with students of all ages but is especially effective with upper elementary and middle school students

  • Helps to develop students’ self-esteem
  • Encourages reflection of self
  • Reinforces descriptive vocabulary
  • Reinforces reading and writing skills

Strategy steps

  1. Students develop a collage that describes him/herself using pictures and illustrations from magazines or illustrations that they draw themselves.
    • Collages can include such things as interests, physical characteristics, feelings, skills, hobbies, dreams.
  2. Students write compositions about themselves to accompany their collages, describing themselves, emphasizing their skills, and other positive aspects.
  3. Volunteers share their compositions about themselves with classmates.


  • Collect all of the collages and display them in the room.
  • Have a student select a collage made by a classmate and using it, describe the student. Other students then guess who the student is.

Variation: Each student develops a collage of another student and writes a description of characteristics and traits portrayed in the collage. They may ask questions of each other to get more information.