Literacy Assessment

The goal of the webinars is to improve the educational outcomes for every deaf and hard of hearing student by providing teachers with tools and data to make informed decisions. Specific objectives are identified within each module.

Required technology

To access the content of the webinars, you need to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The webinars are designed to provide our audience with authentic media-rich learning experiences. and include video interviews with experts and video illustrations of progress monitoring methods.

To view the videos, you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed to the computer you will be using. You can download this software for free.

All video files are captioned to address the needs of multiple learning styles. To see the captions, you will need to use the CC toggle button located at the bottom of the video frame.


Note: You will need to start the video using the Play button at the bottom control bar or simply clicking  in the center of the video frame; then click the CC toggle button for captions.

Webinar 1 provides fundamental information related to progress monitoring principles and procedures. The process for monitoring progress in the areas of reading and written English is in Webinars 2 and 3Webinar 4 focuses on using data to determine an individual student’s progress and the basis for instructional and programmatic changes. Resources for establishing a progress monitoring system in your program are identified at the end of Webinar 4.

Assessment and CEUs

It will take approximately 4-5 hours to review the learning materials provided in the webinars. If you are interested in obtaining CEUs, you may complete a quiz online. Participants who receive a score of 21 (85%) or above will receive a certificate of completion for 5 CEUs.

Contributors to the Webinar

Dr. Susan Rose, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Stanley Deno, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota

Ms. Susan Meredith, Teacher, Ann Sullivan School, Minneapolis

Ms. Kathy Arnoldi, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Team Leader, St. Paul Public Schools

Ms. Kari Pofahl

Ms. Maren Hadley, Itinerant teacher, St. Paul Public Schools

Dr. Susan Lane-OutlawPh.D., Assistant professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Ms. Lauren Barkmeier, Research Assistant



The content on this page is from: Rose, S. & McAnally, P. Education resources for teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing students.