Contributors to the Webinars

Susan Rose is Associate Professor at the  Educational Psychology department, University of Minnesota. Her research has focused on information access for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, with an emphasis on language development, reading, and modality of coding language input. A second area of training is the preparation of teachers of the deaf so that they can serve students with additional learning needs, including cultural adaptations and disabilities. Research in the development of communication skills including ASL, English reading, and writing skills is an ongoing process.

Dr. Stanley Deno, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota. is Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota where he has served the national and international special education communities for four decades. Grounded in the field of educational psychology, the name ‘Stan Deno’ has become synonymous with the development of new concepts, research, and approaches that has had a sustained impact on teaching, learning, and opportunities for children with disabilities. His pragmatic approach to the development of strategies to improve the educational success of children with disabilities has placed Dr. Deno in a position of national and international prominence. He is the most frequently cited researcher in the field of special education today.

Dr. Susan Outlaw is currently an assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester , New York. At the time of the interview, Dr. Outlaw was the Curriculum Specialist at the Metro School for the Deaf in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ms. Susan Meredith, Teacher, Ann Sullivan Communications Center, Minneapolis

Ms. Kathy Arnoldi, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Team Leader, St. Paul Public Schools

Ms. Kari Pofahl, Teacher, Minnesota state Academy for the Deaf

Ms. Marin Hadley, Itinerant Teacher, St. Paul Public Schools

Ms. Lauren Barkmeier is a graduate research assistant in School Psychology at the University of Minnesota and an intern in the Minneapolis Public Schools. She is a co-author of the webinars on Progress Monitoring.