Interpreting Data: Decision Rules

Video: Kathy Arnoldi on using CBM for IEP goals.

After the CBM graphs are developed, use these to evaluate student progress and to formulate instructional decisions. Standard CBM decision rules guide the adequacy of student progress and the need to revise goals and instructional programs.

  • When at least 6 CBM scores have been graphed, draw a trend-line to represent the student’s actual progress. By drawing the trend-line, the goal line (desired rate of progress) can be compared to the trend-line )actual rate of progress),
  • If three consecutive data points are below the goal line, make an instructional change in the student program.
  • If six data points are above the goal line, raise the goal line and applaud yourself for making a difference.
  • If the consecutive data points are neither all above nor below the goal line, continue with the student’s¬†instructional program and monitor student progress.