Prediction Logs

  • Upper elementary and above
  • Narrative texts
    • Preview text
    • Make predictions
    • Justify predictions
    • Set purpose for reading
    • Monitor comprehension
    • Encourage active engagement
    • Questioning
    • Writing

Strategy steps:

  1. Mark key points in the story at which the students will write predictions.
  2. Give prediction log papers to the students.
    Story Name Graphic
  3. Students preview the story and write their predictions at the designated points.
  4. After reading each section, students determine if their predictions were correct.
  5. Using their prediction logs and with the teacher’s guidance, the students:
    1. Discuss their predictions
    2. Explain why they made the predictions
    3. Discuss how they constructed meaning through the story
  6. Students discuss how their personal experiences influenced their understanding of the story.
  7. Students discuss predictions that were not confirmed and what they missed in reading that led them to the wrong conclusions.
  8. The students write their reactions or their responses to the story and the discussion.