Middle elementary through high school

  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Develop relevant questions
  • Determine who will fill out the survey
  • Plan presentation
  • Reinforce math concepts and skills
  • Write final report summarizing results

Strategy steps:

  1. Students decide the topic of their questionnaire (it should be related to something they are currently studying).
  2. Students discuss who will fill out the questionnaires.
  3. Students develop the questions. If possible, divide them into small groups, have each group develop questions, and then share their questions with each other.
  4. The class selects the 5 (or an appropriate number) best questions for their questionnaire.
  5. Students discuss how they will explain the questionnaire and its purpose.
  6. Students distribute the questionnaires and then make estimates predicting the results.
  7. Students tabulate questionnaires, compute percentages, make bar and point graphs to illustrate the results.
  8. Students prepare a final report and submit it to the principal and to the classrooms that participated in the survey.