Language Reinforcement Strategies

Guess what  I have?

Kindergarten and lower elementary

  • Identify features that describe an object
  • Assimilate information to identify an object
  • Analyze an object to determine its identifying features

Strategy steps:

  1. Put 5 to 10 objects on the table.
  2. Children and teacher discuss/describe each object.
  3. Cover the objects.
  4. Put one of the objects in a bag and describe it.
  5. Children identify the object.
  6. Put another object in a large, colorful bag and describe it to the class.
    • I have something in my bag.
    • It is soft.
    • It is black.
    • It has four legs and a long tail.
    • It has whiskers.
    • It says, “Meow.”
    • What is it?
  7. Children identify the object.
  8. One child takes role of teacher and selects an object for the bag.
  9. Student describes the object (with assistance from the teacher, if necessary) and the children identify it.
  10. Repeat until all children have a turn.

Variations: After you have read a story, the teacher can start by saying, “I am thinking of someone in the story who…” After describing a character, have the students identify who it is and then one of them describes a character for the other students to identify.